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Fitness & Aerial Arts

Fitness & Aerial Arts

Fitness & Aerial ArtsFitness & Aerial Arts


Design your class!

When you make a private booking with us, you tailor your experience!  You may combine two activities if you choose to do an extended 90-minute party or simply spend more time on one.

Our private group bookings can be completed with the selection of a theme! You can play into your theme as much or as little as your group would like! Groups that dress up in a theme have the most fun! Themes make for a memorable time and immediately set the tone for your group. Plus dressing up makes for excellent pictures!

Theme Suggestions

Boot Scootin’

For all you country lovers. Shake it to some great country tunes! (Suggested: Pole or Chair)

80’s Flashback

Fun in neon and spandex to your 80’s pop faves (Suggested: Pole, Pole Silks, Chair)

Glam Rock Divas

Love your hair bands? This one is for you! (Suggested: Pole Pole Silks, Chair)

Come FLY with me!

Focus on the feeling of floating or flying (Suggested: Pole Silks or Aerial Hammock)!


Feel like a rockstar with POUND or pole (or both)!

You Spin Me!

Focus on spins on pole or with the pole silks, more fun than an amusement park! (Suggested: Pole or Pole Silks)

Epic Dance Party!

All the focus on letting loose and the feeling of a dance club! (Suggested: POUND, Pole Silks or Pole)

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Hip hop music and attitude! (Suggested: Pole or Chair)

Showgirls (Adults Only)

Tap into that sultry side in true showgirl/burlesque style! (Suggested: Pole or Chair)

Pricing (tax included)

Adult Group Booking Deposit (up to 6 attendees + guest of honour)

  • 60 minutes $150 / $20 per additional attendee 
  • 90 minutes $200 / $25 per additional attendee

Kids Party Deposit (up to 8 attendees + guest of honour)

  • 60 minutes $150 / $15 per additional attendee
  • 90 minutes $200 / $20 per additional attendee

Additional Studio Time (snacks, cake, presents)

  • $25 per half hour


*FLY Fitness & Aerial Arts has 8 poles / pole silks, 8 hammocks and 4 hoops. If your group exceeds those limits, sharing will be necessary.

*FLY Fitness & Aerial Arts has strict policies in regards to alcoholic beverages. Groups arriving to the studio noticeably intoxicated may be denied service without refund. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the studio unless arrangements are made for the proper permit and then only when the studio instruction time is over.