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Fitness & Aerial Arts

Fitness & Aerial Arts

Fitness & Aerial ArtsFitness & Aerial Arts


Will I fit in at FLY?

YES! FLY is a non-judgmental, diverse studio that is open to all genders, shapes and sizes. Our current clients range in age from 7 to 65+. Anyone with basic mobility can come to FLY! 

I wish I could do pole or aerial but...

Most humans once learned to swim and they didn't go in with the ability or know-how to do it! The majority of our clients start with what they would refer to as "zero" upper body and core strength and that's ok, you don't need it to start! If you do come in with a strong fitness background, you may simply progress faster. Our levels are NOT designed to be done in one session, you progress to the next level when you are physically ready to safely move up. Every body is unique and together we can identify your strengths. Physical strength is not the only thing you will work on, there are many facets to our Pole, Aerial & Dance programs! The mix of creative, emotional, mental and physical work is truly unique! Send us your "but"s, we can answer them!

What if I have prior experience?

Please contact us! We are happy to assess where you are at and where you would fit in within our curriculums. 

What if I have no interest in pole or aerial but like the idea of FLY?

FLY is about variety! We also believe in a balanced approach to health and movement. For this reason, we offer a full complement of Fitness & Recovery classes. Because we have clients who are only interested in Pole, Aerial & Dance and we also have clients who are only interested in Fitness & Recovery, as well as clients who are interested in both, we have several package options to meet individual needs! Get in touch and we will be happy to recommend the best fit for what you are looking for!

How does the schedule work?

Our Pole, Aerial & Dance classes run in 6 week sessions for adults and 12 weeks for Juniors. We allow drop-in classes in our Level 1 FLY Adult classes and offer several opportunities for both Adults and Juniors (TRY FLY sessions, Workshops and Day Camps) to try things out prior to making the commitment. Our Fitness & Recovery classes are always available for drop-ins but watch for special offers for specific sessions at great prices! If you don't see a class that interests you at a time that works for you feel free to let us know! We always consider feedback when building our schedule and make adjustments to the best of our ability based on clients' needs. 

How do make up classes work?

We do allow make up classes for our FLY Adults sessions. In order to use a make up class you are required to mark yourself or report your absence according to the cancellation policy. No shows do not qualify for a make up! You would then rebook for another class at your level or below (within 3 months) and the credit will be applied. 

For FLY Juniors make up classes are allowed based on availability of class times and space.

If you cancel a Fitness & Recovery class within the allowable time, you will be able to book a future class in it's place within 6 months.

Do I have to book to attend?

YES! This is to ensure there is adequate space in classes and for instructors to be prepared. Additionally, if a class is empty up to 36 hours before it runs it will be cancelled, so we need to know if you plan on coming (even if you end up cancelling within the time limit of 8 hours)! This policy also applies to jams!

How do I book a session or class?

Our booking system allows you the flexibility to pay online or to have an invoice created to follow up with an e-transfer payment. In studio debit payments are possible for amounts up to $100 but payment is always due upon registration and your spot is not secure until payment, or payment arrangements, are received. If you are having any difficulty, please contact us, we are happy to help!

For sessions, including FLY Adults (Pole, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Sling, Aerial Silks and Liquid Motion) and FLY Juniors (FabPole Silks, Aerial Sling and Aerial Hoop) head to the "Courses"  section.

.For Fitness & Recovery classes, TRY FLY sessions, specialty sessions and FLY Adult Level 1 Drop-Ins, visit the "Drop-Ins" section.

To purchase packages and deals before enrolling in a class or session visit the "Memberships and Vouchers" sections.

For private group bookings please contact info@flyfitregina.com and tell us what date(s) you are considering, what age group(s) and what activity(ies) interest you! 

How should I register my child?

Once you create a profile for yourself you can create a sub-profile for your child or children. This will allow you to register your child in classes while keeping the record of payment under your own name. 

When can I cancel a Class?

If you decide not to attend a class you have registered for, we require you to give us notice of the cancellation at least 8 hours in advance to keep your credit . Exceptions can be made for emergencies or extreme circumstances. You may also alert us ahead of class if you have an uncertain situation. Late cancellations without valid explanation will result in the loss of the credit. No-shows without valid reason will result in the loss of credit plus a surcharge of $5.

Clients on unlimited memberships will incur a surcharge of $5 for late cancellations without valid reason and $10 for no-shows without valid reason.

The minimum cost for a private group booking is required in order to secure the booking and is non-refundable. You may reschedule your group booking up to 14 days before your originally booked date. If you choose to cancel up to 14 days before your original booking, you will receive credit with our studio in the amount of the deposit. Exceptions to this policy may be made due to extenuating circumstances at the discretion of management.

Why might FLY cancel a class?

FLY reserves the right to cancel a class due to severe weather, instructor illness, or other extreme circumstances. If a class needs to be cancelled, FLY will send out a notification through email/text depending on what information is on your client profile as soon as possible. Credits used for a cancelled class will be returned to the clients’ accounts and makeup classes will be issued for session classes. FLY reserves the right to cancel a class due to low registration up to 36 hours before the class.

Do class packages expire?

Class packages are valid for 6 months. The 6 months begin from the date of first use (if you purchase more credits before all your credits expire that does not change the expiry of your previous credits). In the case of short term circumstances, that expiration date may be extended on a case by case basis. Class credits are not available for refund except in extreme circumstances, such as a permanent move out of Regina or long term injury.

What to Wear/Bring

  • POLE & FABPOLE SILKS: Generally yoga pants or leggings with a tank or t-shirt is perfect! Please bring short shorts with you. You will only need them for a couple things in Beginner but you will be glad to have them! Covering the armpits is highly recommended for FabPole Silks. 
  • AERIAL HOOP: Leggings, sleeves - nothing too loose. Basically cover as much skin as possible and feel free to add layers such as leg warmers too!
  • AERIAL HAMMOCK & SLING: Leggings and sleeves (cover the armpits). Capris or shorts are also okay.
  • Most classes are done in bare feet, unless noted. Socks are ok in some classes but depending on the type of class they can actually be dangerous.
  • We encourage clients to bring their own yoga mat. There are studio mats for those who choose or who forget their own mat.
  • Water bottles are recommended in every class, a water cooler is available for refills.
  • Notebooks are always recommended to document your journey! Of course you can also use an app!
  • We also encourage and are happy to help you document your journey in photos and we love when you share them with us on social media by tagging us and using hash tag #flyfitregina. Please don't be shy about asking for assistance taking photos of your new moves at the end of a class as we love celebrating your accomplishments with you! We only ask that you respect others around you by ensuring no other clients are not included in photos/videos you intend to share without their permission.