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FLY Fitness & Aerial Arts

Fitness & Aerial Arts

Fitness & Aerial Arts

Fitness & Aerial ArtsFitness & Aerial Arts

Your Prescription for Success!


You are not in this alone!

What do you want to make this next year about? Are you stuck in a pattern year after year, trying to stick with something you think you should do? Change comes from both action and thought patterns. At FLY, we can challenge your perceptions to help you break those patterns! Let's make 2019 the year of ADVENTURE!

FLY's Find Your Wings coaching and accountability program will set the ground work by identifying your goals and setting your intentions! Perfect for anyone who has put off joining the FLY community because of not knowing where to start or your own self-doubt.

With so many options for you to try you might just find a new passion that combines your creative spirit along with your mental and physical wellness. At the very least you will find a supportive accepting community who come together in the spirit of self-care. 

At the incredible value of $90 per month over 3 months (taxes included), now is the time to get started! Sign up in January and you will also receive an exclusive deal from Zesty Kits!!

Program includes 12 Level 1 Pole & Aerial classes and 12 Fitness & Recovery Passes at an incredible savings! 

Plus, receive an additional $40 in value! 

  • One complimentary start-up coaching session.
  • One complimentary follow-up coaching session.
  • Built in accountability and support!
  • Access to valuable program add-ons !

There are options to continue with coaching beyond the two included sessions but there is NO upfront commitment! 

Phase Two Optional Add-Ons