The journey of self-love is long and never a straight line!


Love should be easy!
It should have been taught properly to us!
It shouldn’t have been nor ever be based on conditions!

Let’s get real for a moment.
We have all been there, including me.
The beast that burdens and disrupts our glorious view of life.
The doubt.
The worry.
The financial anxiety.
The relationships that never work.
The weight that won’t stay away.
The time you can’t get back.
The people you can’t get back.
The question, how did I get here again?
The wanting life to change so badly and yet it doesn’t seem to.

It’s okay.
I promise you.
This is working in your advantage.
I wouldn’t say that without declaring my life on that one statement.

You don’t have to believe me.
In fact you can be smack dab in the middle of the other stuff and I will still show you that where you are is absolutely perfect.

These three days you will reach into a state of love you didn’t even know existed.

Say YES! Believe it or not that’s the hardest part.


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